I typed the letter A into google and got 8,190,000,000 results.?

Answer Ok...Each page you can check out for about 10 seconds.8,190,000,000 X 10 = 81,900,000,000 seconds.A year has 31,536,000 seconds81,900,000,000 / 31,536,000 = Approx. 25,970 YearsIt will take 25,970 ... Read More »

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I just typed area 51 into google earth i wont get into trouble will i?

Have you ever typed your name into Google?

yes, another game is to write 'your name and the wants' eg Susi wants men in kilts Becky wants to knock her school down James wants $50m Max wants Pete to start liking him

How can I make Firefox open (and NOT results for "google") when I enter "google" in the search bar?

I assume ur talking about home page. well go to tools on the top bar and click options. On the home page bar type Click ok and there u have it the google website will be infront of ... Read More »

If my boss criticizes a letter I typed out for him which had mistakes How do I react or what would I saytohim?

Given your typing of the question, I think he's got a valid point, don't you?