I uninstalled McAffe, and now things on my computer won't work...?

Answer Delete any programs/apps that are not working and reinstall them. Also make sure they are up to date.

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Why has my computer slowed down i hve uninstalled things that i thought made it stick but still slow?

Try running a diskcleanup and also defragment the drives. . High levels of fragmentation are like a disease which affects the performance of the drive, leading to slow loading times, file access et... Read More »

PricePeep wont go away even though i have uninstalled it!!!!!!!!?

Download 'ccleaner', go to uninstall applications and then auto run, find it in the list, disable it

My pc wont work ive tried a few things but nothing help me details below!?

if it was me i would go for a sledge hammer, or maybe a baseball bat, that should do it.

Why wont msn work on my computer?

Try going to tools on your tool bar, -click internet options -click on connections-click on lan settingsmake sure the only boxes checked are -Automatically detect settings-use a proxy surver for yo... Read More »