I urgently need a list of laws that I can break that would send me to jail for a month?

Answer yep i see what your doing. you and daniel E. are running a muck here aren't yall. just trying to boost those points up huh? Breaking and entering would work...Just break in, call the police and r... Read More »

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If jail break goes wrong can I just factory. Restore?

yes you can do it from Itunes just connect your ipod to itunes and click the restore button ..but you will loose all your information on your will never know that u did jailbreak the ip... Read More »

If you go on someones facebook and send threatening messages can you go to jail?

Ok so its slightly confusing. Did you use someone elses Facebook or your own.Either way, if you have sent messages with any threat in it then you can get in trouble with the police, if whoever you ... Read More »

What Happens If You Break Copyright Laws?

Copyright laws are laws that govern the reproduction of original creative works. Original creative works include literature, poetry, music and fine art. When a person creates an original work, he i... Read More »

How to Break a 7-Month-Old Puppy From Nipping?

You may find your dog to be a great addition to your life, or you may it to be a drain on your effort and time. A large part of your reaction to that dog, however, will be due to its training, and ... Read More »