I use a lot of quizes on facebook like 21 questions to see what people think of me really.?

Answer Do you have a social life? Maybe go out with friends, do things around the town? I know a lot of people get picked on for that, and its mainly because you learn the "tricks of the trade" when you g... Read More »

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Why do people here caution me not to ask questions for making life decisions Do people here misguide others?

No, but people are generally stupid. So any advice you receive should be weighed against that inherent stupidity

Are Facebook users too stupid to see all those questions about Facebook being offline?

i agree, they should search the question before posting, id like to abuse them, but ive already lost an account previously

Why do people ask questions here they would be better off looking in Wikipedia for?

Someone asked earlier today "what is racists means lol pmsl idk wot it means".I suppose that seals your evidence, there.

Why do people not google questions before asking on y!a?

I agree with you entirely because quite often the answers are, use Google.