I wanna buy a labtop ...which would be the best one..plse advise?

Answer The Dell Inspiron E1505 is great. Any dell would work and the best part is they build it according to your needs....

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I wanna start a advise blog. But how ?

How...that depends on you and what platform you are going to use.Platforms (here are some)1.Empower Network2.Wordpress3.BloggerYou will need to decide on how your blog is going to look can't really... Read More »

I need career advise. Any1 wanna help?

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Does synergy work on linux mint( i wana connect my vista labtop with my linux mint labtop)?

Here is the Official Ubuntu Synergy HowTo Documentation (also applies to Linux Mint)…LUg.

How would you reset the whole labtop?

If u have the Windows CD you restore your laptop to Factory SettingsBy the option restore my computerGo and type Restore my computer in Help it will guide u