I wanna put my web adword in yahoo so that yahoo could show in top 100 .how much it cost?

Answer Go to Yahoo site and locate 'sponsored search pricing' .. (as far as I can tell, there is no 'top 100' guarantee and you are charged for 'click throughs' )

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Why does Yahoo Answers show up at the top of google even though it sucks.?

I'm more interested in why your posting in YA if you think it sucks...

Why don't Yahoo show the country the person responding is from?

i agree with you as it would help with the culteral differnces to and help explain the different types of answers

Yahoo/msn lottery incorporation,Baley house Har Road Sutton ,Greator London Sm1 4te UK,associated with yahoo?

Use Google next time to find out.Look here:… Remember if you did not buy a ticket etc. You can`t win :-)The world is a scam :-)

I received mail MSN/YAHOO Lottery INC. that I won 500,000 Pound prize. Is there any YAHOO/MSN INC.?

No. I get emails like this all the time, they are after personal information. Don't respond and mark it as spam.