I want 2 go wireless with my laptop, what do i need?

Answer Wireless router. Your laptop should have built in wifi. If not your laptop sucks and get a new one....that or just get a PCMCIA wireless card. You can figure the rest out.

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I want to be able to print from my wireless laptop to my printer connected to my wireless computer HELP PLS!?

this is slightly different on different opperating vista is the one i know better. if you go to my network places/network in the start menu. (you ave to turn on the computer the pri... Read More »

What is the difference between a wifi laptop and a wireless laptop and do you need to have a telephone line?

WiFi and wireless are one in the same.Depending upon what you want to accomplish, a telephone line isn't necessarily needed. The wireless adapter in your computer is capable of grabbing a signal f... Read More »

How do i share my internet connection with a new laptop i just bought do i need a wireless router .?

yes you need a wireless router, i know cause i have just got myself a laptop today too

I want to add a second computer upstairs. so do i need to run a telephone cable up as i dont want wireless?

why wouldnt you want wireless? its fantastic, no more wires all over the place! as long as you protect yourself with passwords i cant see the problem, otherwise you would have to run a cable upstairs