I want to be famous on Instagram?

Answer 10k!!! That's loads already I only have 1081 !! Just keep uploading photos daily also do shoutouts for people then they will follow

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I want to delete my instagram account but I've forgotten my password?

Can i take a picture on instagram and not post it on any social media I just want to text it?

Yeah, you can save the pictures you alter on instagram to your camera roll on your phone. It will be posted to your instagram page but you can just delete it after. I do this all the time. First, m... Read More »

I really want to be famous on Youtube. Has anyone got any tips?

Hello Owen, I see your problem. Have you tried asking your subscribers to leave a comment on what they want to see? or you could pull a survey on here. All you need to do is do what people want. Af... Read More »

I want to work from home but dont want to get scamed i want it to be enjoyable?

start your own business....go see the business gateway people.What are you good at...what do you enjoy doing....there is a start!