I want to change ip.Which ip would you recomend?

Answer If you have a dynamic ip with your isp, just reconnect. If you have a static, you need to contact them. If you are talking about your local ip, that is handled by your modem or router. There is ... Read More »

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(UK) I want to buy my 8 year old daughter a laptop. Our budget is around £450. What would you recomend?

Want a laptop thats not too expensive what do u recomend?

Don't forget about the DELL Exploding batteries. They have other quality issues. Don't get a Dell laptop. Look at Toshiba. They are at many retail stores. Staples is a good place to buy one..... Read More »

What bike would you recomend?

Want a change of job, would i need qualifications or is hand on experience enough?

There isn't really a definite answer to this - as it depends on who hires you.As broad advice though, its entirely possible to get it on 'experience' rather than qualifications. Indeed, many people... Read More »