I want to change ip.Which ip would you recomend?

Answer If you have a dynamic ip with your isp, just reconnect. If you have a static, you need to contact them. If you are talking about your local ip, that is handled by your modem or router. There is ... Read More »

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Recomend £60-£80 Keyboards?

Possibly the hardest thing about building a computer is selecting a nice keyboard and I have spent hours searching for them! For a average everyday keyboard id get a logitech K800, its wireless com... Read More »

Recomend me a bike?

My H-D Softail gets 50 mpg and will do 0 to 70 in about 5 seconds.

Recomend me a good PC mag - UK?

PC Answers is a good one, as is Micro Mart. For more technical issues try PC Pro.

Have you got a tattoo,,,why did you have it and would you recomend having one?

I have 5 tattoos.I got them for many reasons, one of the main ones being that they just make me happy.I love tattoos, but I don't ever encourage people to get them.Get another tattoo only if you ar... Read More »