I want to copy a video from Facebook to my laptop. How do I do it?

Answer If you using internet explorer you could also download any streamed video by using Orbit.This is a very quick and easy tool to use as it scans the page your on and shows you the different video fil... Read More »

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How to put a video from your laptop to facebook?

the same way you add a photo but instead of a photo chose a video the video can't be larger than 1GB or 20 minutes long which ever comes first

What websites do people use to copy a youtube video to save it and install as their own youtube video?

So people can use a ton of things. Theres RealPlayer which is a program and they can use. You cant really get at every thing that people can use to download videos. Theres ju... Read More »

DIY: Copy 8MM Video to DVD?

Everyone wants to keep recorded memories intact; many people are now transferring their old home movies to DVD to ensure those memories are well-preserved for years to come. DIY copying of 8mm tape... Read More »

Do It Yourself: How to Copy 8mm Camcorder Video to DVD?

It costs money to get your 8 MM videos copied onto DVDs. Dale Renyolds, at The Computer Doctors, in Aberdeen, South Dakota, says that if you have the right equipment, you can copy your 8 MM videos ... Read More »