I want to have career in game designing in uk or usa doing btech it in india?

Answer Every third teen age male in the USA and the UK wants to get into this field. There is no shortage of people to do this in the USA. Therefore your chances of getting a job like this in the USA is v... Read More »

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What subjects are best and neccessary for a career in game programming and designing?

Apart from needing qualifications in computingcan I maybe advise you that jobs in this industry are now almost non-existentI know several with degrees in game design and programming and not one of ... Read More »

Where would i find work experience in game designing in ireland?

You could try the IDI Ireland website directory for companies but most seem like graphic design. The website is down at the moment I think it has something to do with their design competition webpa... Read More »

Is weapons designing a stupid career?

No its not stupid its what you want so go for it. Its different and weapons are cool and your not a terrorist. To be a weapons engineer you have to use your brain a lot and weapons don't kill peopl... Read More »

Is there a good career in web designing/developing.?

Yes but you need to take training for learning.