I want to improve my english via facebook?

Answer you can improve your slang english on facebook, in that regards you are right depending on who you talk to. Just watch lots of videos, read books, speak to people and write and you'll be fine, no n... Read More »

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Do u have tests to improve my english?

I don't think that you will be able to improve your English significantly before Friday.You CAN, however, learn a few phrases which will help in your "I am a very organised person and... Read More »

Phonics to Improve English Pronunciation?

Pronunciation is a crucial part of learning English as a Second Language, yet it is one of the most challenging aspects of English for students and teachers. For students, unfamiliar sounds and com... Read More »

Hi!I'd like to improve my English and to find some friends..I'm italian, i'm 18...Could you help me, please?

sure, I could help

Facebook page in a foreign language how do I get it back to English?

go to the bottom of the facebook pg there normally should be english US it should say something in a different language now click on it and there should be language options click on english and it ... Read More »