I want to join faceparty!?

Answer Hmm, I used to have it but I pretty much stopped going on there when myspace came along coz it had more to offer and as you say not many people have faceparty.There were lots of WEIRD people on the... Read More »

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why do countries want to join the eu?

The EU was made with the idea to end wars in Europe. It also provides financial security as well as other benefits. That's why so many countries want to join.

How Do I Apply if I Want to Join Facebook?

Facebook is a free social networking site where users can interact with both online and real-life friends. Although Facebook has been around for a number of years, many people have not yet joined t... Read More »

I want to join the Police Force?

Some Colleges run a Public Services Course - for people who want to join the police, fire or army. At the end of the course they will be a recognised qualification.But be warned, the Government wa... Read More »

I want to join the coast guard uk?

The UK Coastguard does indeed use volunteers in the manner that you describe.They even have their own web page giving all the information about it, see the link below; Read More »