I want to make £1million over the next 5 years. How do I do it Legal and sensible answers only please!?

Answer Great question.I am in EXACTLY the same boat, but I'm shooting for 10 years.We have the same goals.You can try to start a business, small then build it up. Risky.Selling widgets is a long hard road... Read More »

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Motorcycle question. Sensible answers only, please!?

Sorry to hear that! My gf is only a few inches taller than you (4'11), but she has an incredibly short inseam--25", so I bet she's about in the same shoes as you are. My recommendation is to try ... Read More »

I am filling out a job application form what can i put ware it says "motivation" sensible answers only please?

willing to learn new things being good at the job

Girls only please as I don't want sad men leaving stupid answers.?

Natural is better.Coloring hair dries it out.You probably won't 'go grey' for some years,anyway.Finding a stray one now and again is normal.

Tax Question sensible answers please?

It sounds as though you're on an emergency tax code. Tax is deducted from all of your income with no allowances.If you will be working for this employer for at least a few months, you will get a t... Read More »