I want to set up a website do i need a mac or can i do it on a pc?

Answer Mac or PC dont matter.1/ Get a domain name2/ Get a hosting company3/ Develop your HTML code4/ Publish5/ Manage

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I want to create a website about trading on betfair, but want to call my website something like betfairtrading?

They would have legal grounds to have your domain name taken down (or turned over to them) for trademark perhaps cyber-squatting law violations. Whether they bother to is another matter, if you be... Read More »

Which website do I need to go to if I want a map for travelling to a certain destination by car?

multimap is good, but I've defected to the AA route planner because its instructions are so intuitive. e.g. follow the bend at..., follow signs for... pass X Inn, Landmark such and such...http://ww... Read More »

I want to create a free website (to sell toys); do I need it really?

try www.webs.comits free but your get advertising and your domain name is branded too so its likewww.YOURADDRESSHERE.webs.comyour can pay but its expsnsive.

I am in the Uk and looking to start up a website. What I want to know is, what I will need, how much for...?

First refer to:…and…Take into consideration that web hosting is a global service. It does not matter what country... Read More »