I want to sue Facebook, where to start?

Answer Well you don't say what country you are in for a start.You will have to serve a writ on them in California as that is where their Head Office is.Also unless you have several hundred thousands of po... Read More »

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What age should you be to start Facebook?

It really is extremely safe. You can't even get into someone's profile unless your their friend. If I had a child, I wouldn't even care what age they were.... unless they were like 3, haha. I'd let... Read More »

How do i start a conversation with this boy on facebook?

How do you start a new language on facebook?

go up to the very top of your screenwhere it says home, profile, friends, inbox then keep going to the rightit should say your name, settings, and log outclick on settingsor account settingsgo over... Read More »

How much am i looking at to start a website like myspace/facebook?

its cheap at 1st then when it expands it gets expensive