I want to use one printer between two computers how do i do it?

Answer Get a printer switching /sharing device - reasonably cheap to buy, it's more expensive for the automatic ones however, otherwise you have to manually select which PC is to get access to the thing!I... Read More »

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I want to learn more about computers.....?

open the case and learn about what each component does, read mags like pc extreme. take your comp apart and rebuild it when you have enough confidence. you'll learn good that way

How do you set up the internet between 2 computers.?

Look up the info for the router brand. Is it Linksys?

How to Toggle Between Computers?

You can save some space on your desk if you toggle between two or more computers. If you use multiple computers to work, you might want to use a device called a "KVM" switch to share the same keybo... Read More »

Whats the difference between 32 bit and 62 bit computers?

64 bit is at the LEAST twice as fast and strong.My pages open in 5 seconds.I just love it.