I was jump starting a car and put the leads on wrong and the battery wont hold a charge, whats wrong- 05 corsa?

Answer hahaha, sorry to laugh, what uve done is something called reverse pollarity, 05 corsa should have the new gel type battery, if so, its done its job and killed itself cause u shorted it by fitting t... Read More »

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If you where to put jump leads on a car te wrong way round what damage will it do 2 ur car?

When you connect the jump leads connect the red ones to the + terminal first (one on each battery) then connect the black ones carefully to the the - terminals on the battery. When you remove it, ... Read More »

I have a 92 honda civic 5 speed manual and it wont go into any gear at all even reverse whats wrong with it?

Probably the gear linkage or the clutch master cylinder has failed.

Something really wrong with my pc. it wont turn on. what wrong?

Check your processor it might be fried so stop trying to restart your comp before you loose everything. Processors are about $65 but if it fried it's either because your comp fan is out or full di... Read More »

Did i try jump start my car wrong?

Sounds like you are doing it right. Just give the battery/alternator some time to recharge before starting again. And get a new battery!