I was just wondering if any body else finds this particular site?

Answer Yes a lot and am very glad some users have been able to help you out,,,,just stay here and soon you will have "Yarhoodlers Syndrom" the inability to go a day without visiting this site,,it`s good f... Read More »

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Hello, was thinking about starting up a site to sell electronics and was wondering if you can sell brand names?

Yes - provided they're not fakes. There are rules about selling electrical equipment to the public. If it's new, it must have BSI or CE certification. If it's second hand, it needs to be tested ... Read More »

Does any body know a site that I can ask a really complicated computer question?

Try this one, someone will have the heart to answer!! (maby me if I know it!!)

Who finds facebook addictive?

For me,1. Facebook2. Yahoo Answers3. Youtube

Who else finds 'Facebook' confusing?

Thank God somebody said that. I've used loads of sites, some good and some bad, but with Facebook I simply can't find what I want or change what I want or even avoid getting hammered by loads of ba... Read More »