I watch pornography on my computer when I should be working. Can my employer find out?

Answer If you use your ISP to connect to the VPN and your browser routes traffic via the VPN then they can see what your doing.Of course you can hide that (use tor for instance).Remember if the VPN is est... Read More »

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Think my son has just browsed pornography on my work computer?

you can install NetDog Porn Filter : on the computer, netdog blocks all porn quitely and automatically in the background when your son's on the computer.

If previous employer don't give check reference,but still working and good relation and prevous employer don?

In the UK there is no legal requirement for your employer to provide you with a reference. Due to the fact that under Data Protection laws people can request to see references written about them, ... Read More »

Real Player has stopped working on my computer. cant find out why?

After working 3 yrs full time 8am to 4pm , can my employer change my working hours to 7am to 3pm ( please help?

Probably not if you have a contract stating your working hours. Speak to your HR dept, or get outside advice from Citizens Advice Bureau.