I watch pornography on my computer when I should be working. Can my employer find out?

Answer If you use your ISP to connect to the VPN and your browser routes traffic via the VPN then they can see what your doing.Of course you can hide that (use tor for instance).Remember if the VPN is est... Read More »

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Think my son has just browsed pornography on my work computer?

you can install NetDog Porn Filter : on the computer, netdog blocks all porn quitely and automatically in the background when your son's on the computer.

If Iam past 65 and receiving a pension but still working can i claim ssp from my employer when off work?

Before 1 October 2006 an employee who was aged 65 or over was not entitled to SSP. As of 1 October, employees under 16 or 65 or over are no longer excluded from Statutory Sick Pay or Statutory Mate... Read More »

When an employer asks on an application form 'Why do you think you would enjoy working for our company'......?

What they are looking for is somebody who will fit in with their ethics etc, which you find out by going to their website. You are supposed to say how much you want to contribute to the success of ... Read More »

What Should I Consider When Buying a Watch?

If you are considering buying a new watch, you will find that the choices are so wide that it becomes difficult to choose the right one. In the end, many people become overwhelmed and end up buying... Read More »