I will be in London next week. Where is the best place in London to meet girls?

Answer The best approach for a young man spending a few days in London is to insert a cucumber in your boxers and sit nonchalantly on a bar stool minding your own business. Typically after 30 minutes or s... Read More »

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Where / how can I meet spanish / latin girls in London?

Go to the Spanish/Latino area/neighborhoods of London, wot ?!

I will be visiting the London eye next week. where is a good place for nice fish and chip?

SCB Bay is AMAZING! Best. Fish. An.Chips.EVER! :D

The Best Place to Meet Girls in Rio?

Rio de Janeiro is the second largest city in Brazil and one of the best places in the world to meet girls. Once the Brazilian capital, Rio is now famous for its wild carnival, pristine beaches and ... Read More »

Nice restaurant in London (Shoreditch, london bridge area) not very expensive but nice food and good place? web site for restaurants - it has menus, prices, pictures, and you can pick exactly what you want to eat and where