I wont to stop this person!!!!!?

Answer you just block himif you dont even know how to do this then you are probably too young to be using facebook in the first place

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Pc wont stop rebooting?

try booting up in safe mode, when its ready to start again.

How do you stop popups on Google chrome they wont go either :(?

They are probably getting through some other way, usually via your windows hosts file or by extensions installed in your browser.1. Click on the hotdog button (top right corner) in Chrome and selec... Read More »

Myspace wont let me add any friends!, any ideas why and how to stop this?

That can either mean you've been phished[hacked], and you need to change your password, or you're having a re-accuring problem.If changing your password does not help, you should definitely message... Read More »

Is there any way to stop ONE person from commenting on your facebook wall?

blocking them is the only way that works 100%