I would like to make my wired broadband connection wireless, what do I need to do this?

Answer change router to wireless type and run software.

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How do i get wireless internet connection for a laptop if i have a normal wired broadband at home?

what you need to do is have a talk to your isp(internet service provider) and explain your set up at home and they should be able to recommend a wireless package aol are doing a wireless... Read More »

I have a laptop and would like to get on broadband any where in the world what do i need to do this?

All you need is the broadband hookup wherever you are with access to the local phone company. I have traveled all over Europe and Asia. I now live in China. Whenever I am traveling, I usually fin... Read More »

You need a fast broadband connection to download films and play games. This will need a large bandwidth.?

The higher bandwidth you have the more data can be put into it to download in one go. This means your connection does not have to keep reloading masses of small packets to download.

Computer not picking up wired connection, only wireless?

What operating system do you have ?Go into the network section within control panel and check to see if your network card is detected and listed there. If it has a red x it means it's not working o... Read More »