ICT Homework (Doesn't actually have much to do with technical computer stuff)?

Answer but your conplaining you have no technical stuff? Question 3 is How you used Dreamweaver and how you did it no one can answer that for you. Its your method. Your TECHnique.

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I need help with my maths homework Percentages and stuff?

1- you have to find 10% first. £9950 divided by 10 = 995 so, now we know that 10% is £995, we can get 5% easily. all we have to do is divide it by 2.divide this by 2 to get 5 %. 5% = 497.50. So n... Read More »

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Where is the best place online to learn about Cars, and what all of the technical stuff means, online?

The best place is NOT online, it is with a book.Online articles are usually too scattered and usually quick tips or other small articles. A book will have a comprehensive explanation of the subjec... Read More »

Need Help With Computer Programming Homework!!?

To make your code easier to read and figure out.Saying area = length * width;is a lot clearer than saying athdi56 = sdlfjk * welr;even though they technically do the same thing.