IOS photos and location?

Answer It uses a database of known networks and can triangulate your location (within about 50 meters ) by reference to these networks. You do not have to be connected to, or even aware of, the networks. ... Read More »

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Delete current location and add new location?

If its Facebook on the Status Window Click on the balloon than Hit the X on the Location and than Add your New Location in If its A Different Site Please Edit your Question and Tell us What Site it... Read More »

How can I make my photos in Flickr to be seen by everyone but they cannot download the photos ...?

If you go to your account you can edit the settings on who can see/download your pictures. Just click on the privacy & permissions tab & the first setting you can change should be "Who can download... Read More »

Uploading photos to Facebook from my Blackberry --> photos-public, automatically, yet in my settings all?

1. Go to your privacy settings on facebook.2. Control privacy when you post> Click Friends onlyDo the above, and your post will be posted for your friends only.Facebook desktop version on mobile ? ... Read More »

What shall i do to my hair (Photos of me included!!!) LOTS OF PHOTOS! lol!?

okay people, if she wanted to hear about her lips, then she would have asked you! But she didnt! She wants to know about her HAIR! And there is nothing wrong with her lips so chill. Even of her l... Read More »