IP Conflict, usual fixes don't seem to work !?

Answer Are you using a router?A DSL or cable modem will only provide a single IP via DHCP. You can't just hook the modem up to a network switch.A router connects two separate networks and manage the traf... Read More »

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I installed windows 8 and I dont seem to have microsoft office any more?

There are two types of upgrades. One deletes everything on the hard drive and installs Windows 8. It's most commonly known as a clean install. The second is the upgrade is known as an in place upgr... Read More »

Where can i get a loan of three thousand pounds from but i dont own my home and i dont work?

Big Dave down the pub will lend you £3k. Don't worry about the repayment, I'm sure he will take it out of you latter.

How to Resolve a Conflict in the Work Place?

Any time you work with another person, conflict will happen. Even people who seem to get along great will have moments where tensions mount and people react badly. However, there are ways to handle... Read More »

My job schedules me to work twice a day. They schedule me to work 11-2 and then 5-9. Does this seem right?

I don't see what's wrong with it................ it's only 6 hours. Unless you have stated before that you can't work those shifts then i don't see the problem.