IP for my internet?


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My internet explorer and msn cant connect to the internet but firefox and flock work how can i fix it vist?

If you're running a proxy, make sure they're set up to receive a connection through > tools > options > internet settings.Alternatively, make sure they've both been granted access to the internet o... Read More »

Is the 'safer internet day ' yahoo is backing, anything to do with internet censorship - regulation?

Well you've heard the saying "Assumption is the mother of all f... ups"so instead of you jumping up and down and blowing a gasket, whydon't you just read what it's about, ie being safe on the inter... Read More »

How does the internet get to my comp from the routercould my neighbour be stealing my internet connection ?

If you have wireless Internet yes your neighbor can definitely be using it.

Is there any earning through internet in which i can earn while surfing internet?

mypoints.comyou earn points by opening your email and then can redeem gift certificates