IPhone 5 wifi difficulty?

Answer There seems to be a lot of that going around. One person said that turning the phone off and back on helped, but it didn't help with mine. Someone else said that it was actually and iOs 6.0 problem... Read More »

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Difficulty with itunes library for ipod and iphone.?

Have now sorted it - thanks for looking. You may try this ipod transfer, it's a nice iTunes alternative that can help you manage iPod files including delete, upload, play, copy, etc. It's much easi... Read More »

How to Use iPhone WiFi?

Apple's iPhone is a multimedia connectivity tool. As such, the iPhone employs a sophisticated system to keep you connected to the web via WiFi signals so that you can stay up to date with email, ma... Read More »

How to Get Free WiFi Whenever You Want With the iPhone?

The iPhone can connect to the Internet in one of two ways: over a paid data network or via the built-in Wi-Fi receiver. There is no charge to use the Wi-Fi receiver on your iPhone. As long as you a... Read More »

Can't turn on wifi on my iPhone?

I know that some Samsung Phones on Android have problems turning on the WLAN drivers, I have this problem but turning the phone on and off always fixes it... All I have to offer, perhaps update And... Read More »