IT is way too boring, 'init?

Answer Depends what you end up doing.... one area to explore is working for a software company or SAAS company. This area is very fast-paced, there is tons to learn and do, and you are almost never bored.... Read More »

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If your car had no oil init, what damage can be caused?

The tick tick noise is the cam, this is an important engine part which is at the top of the engine, It is loud because it has got too hot and bent out of shape slightly, so it can no longer turn so... Read More »

Why dont my car start init?

Im a housewife and a mother of 2. i need a job is a mortgage adviser d right job, is there good money init?

Why is this job so boring?

I would guess it's because you aren't challenged. It's all repetitive stuff and your skills are not being used.Maybe you should try neutralizing land-mines, now that's not boring.