Icloud mail question?

Answer Yes, certainly. The address itself exists in the cloud (the iCloud), and you've dissociated it from a device. Re-assosiate it with the device, and it's all back online.I hope this helps.

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Ipad and icloud mail question?

Certainly. By deleting it from your iPad, all you're doing is saying "I don't want to see it here any more". No data is lost, and your account still exists. You can switch it back on on your iPad, ... Read More »

Ipad and icloud connection question?

Nope, it only transfers apps, emails, photos, songs etc.. To computers(usually macs) and other apple devices like ipods and iphones that your apple Id is already linked too, it doesn't affect the p... Read More »

A question about Google mail.?

Search for email. Or go to archive. When found, click 'move to inbox'. Or just answer it from your archive. It doesn't matter.

Which is better... hotmail, g mail or yahoo, im getting bombarded with junk on This e-mail (plus e-mail names)?

i think its a matter of opinion, but if you hate junk mail, then i would suggest you open another e-mail account and only use it for business purposes, friends only, etc, if you use yahoo don't eve... Read More »