If Desktop PC is showing local area connection enabled but still cant access webpages etc. What do i do?

Answer do a system restore on it

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My local area connection has a red X on it?

"i use my neighbors WiFi"Then of course your LAN connection would have an X through it - it's not being used. If you want, you can Right Click the LAN connection and choose Disable. It wont show ... Read More »

Can anyone please tell me what 'Local Area Connection 2' means?

Nothing to do with hackers or your ISP. Your machine obviously has decided that you have two ways of connecting to your local area network (the group of devices that connect to your router), and is... Read More »

Where do you find ''Local Area Connection'' in windows 7?

It's there  →*Points to right half of split middle section of Network and Sharing Centre window.*Third item down, "Connections:  Local Area Connection"  Click on it to get the LAN window.

Missing Local Area Connection on Windows XP: How Do I Fix it?

Microsoft's Windows XP operating system offers support for Local Area Network (LAN) connections. When a LAN disappears from the "Network Connections" page in Internet Explorer, it's usually because... Read More »