If I connect my phone to my wifi router does it still take away from my 250mb contract?

Answer If your phone is using the WiFi, then this will NOT come out of your mobile/cellular phone allowance.There should be a setting on the phone that only allows Internet access when connected to WiFi. ... Read More »

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My Nokia Lumia 800 Windows phone won't connect to my WiFi. What router settings could be preventing this?

Why is your router using WEP?? it's an old an usecure security algorithm.Switch your router to use WPA & WPA2 for wireless security and then try to connect to it.Hope this helps!

How can I connect a wireless ADSL router to a wired WAN router and secure the WIFI?

NEVER use more than one router on a connection. It causes conflicts, slows the network and can even stop it totally. Apart from that you can NOT connect a DSL port to a network. It must connect to ... Read More »

My laptop will not connect to the wifi, or the router?

hi james here is what to do, go back into where you changed the security key and make the security no security to just test the router and if this works then setup a wps code and write it down and ... Read More »

How to Connect Samsung Star WiFi to Router?

The Samsumg S5230W is the Wi-Fi-enabled version of the Samsung Star phone. Samsung also offers another version of this phone that does not allow you to access Wi-Fi networks. If you have the S5230W... Read More »