If I create a page (like page) on facebook can my friends see it?

Answer Yes, as long as your like page is published.

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Can you create a facebook page without your fb friends knowing?

no, anyone will be able to see you are the admin if they know how to do itbut why would you want to create a page and hide it from your friends? that makes no sense

If your not friends on Facebook but you can see someone's page and still message them....?

After deactivating your account everything disappears, so no.

Will my friends see if I become an admin for a page on Facebook?

Unless the page displays admins then no. :)

If I go on the page of someone on Facebook I am not friends with and accidentally like one of the pages?

No, and even if you were friends with that person, they wouldn't receive a notification. You are simply liking a page that they had also liked. You are not interacting with that person in any way w... Read More »