If I deactivate my facebook from a device will it automaticly logout on all devices?

Answer probably not no.

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What Will Happen If I Deactivate My Facebook Account?

Most Facebook users log in on a regular basis, updating statuses, uploading photos and commenting on friends' pages. If you find that you're no longer a regular user, or you won't be accessing your... Read More »

If I keep my facebook account deactivate, will it be deleted after a year?

If you only selected the deactivate option then you can login at any time after many years you want. But if you select the "delete my account option" it will be deleted after 14 days.

If i deactivate my facebook account will friends know that im not on there anymore.?

No one will know you're gone until they search for you. All your friend's friend lists will be short of 1 person, but they wont know who.

How do i get my email to come up automaticly on facebook when i go to log in?

Well usually when you sign in a bar comes across the top and asks if you want Google Chrome to save your password and if click yes when you go to sign in it will come up in a yellowy colour with yo... Read More »