If I deactivate my facebook from a device will it automaticly logout on all devices?

Answer probably not no.

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How do i get my email to come up automaticly on facebook when i go to log in?

Well usually when you sign in a bar comes across the top and asks if you want Google Chrome to save your password and if click yes when you go to sign in it will come up in a yellowy colour with yo... Read More »

What comes up in the about this device if you dropship android devices?

Same as any other phone (so, it depends where chinavasion/focalprice etc 'source' their product from = becasue I can guarantee they don't open all the boxs and 'reset' the the 'about' text)

Facebook deactivate, fb deactivate?

someones hacked it or you haven't deactivated it properly

Can i deactivate my facebook if i can't log in?

well, i haven't done that but may be work for you. But this way you only can lock your account not deactivate.Try login with a little wrong password again and again. after 3-4 attempts Facebook wil... Read More »