If I delete Camtasia and I am on a free trial, what will happen?

Answer In Vista, find add/remove in the Control Panel and delete it from there, as for being told it has expired, you may get an email but just ignore it.

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What will happen if i delete miscellaneous files?

miscellaneous is usually files that are not in any other catagory, this can be images/video's or other files that you have sent or received in your messages. deleting them might wipe stuff from you... Read More »

Where can i find a good free anti - spyware on the web. Preferably not just a free trial?

AVG - 30 day free trial, found a website which has product key and full version is free. Is this safe?

no problem , go for it !to keep ur pc safe , just scan ur pc often with MALWARE BYTES , thats it .

What site can i get vso divx to dvd for free no trial periods?

hi install this and u can download tones of stuff from games 2 programes