If I disable Formspring will all my answers be gone when I reactivate?

Answer Hey!When you disable a Formspring account, your account is not visible to anyone or no one can visit your page. Nothing will happen to your account. When you come back and deactivate your account, ... Read More »

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When i install a grpahics card do i have to disable to internal one or will it do it auto?

It should be done automatically, you can disable on board graphics completely by going in to the bios (F2 on start up) or disable the on board graphics using the device manager.

If I delete my Y/A account, will I be able to reactivate it?

You will be unable to reactivate your account, therefore you will lose everything regarding contacts, fans, points, ect..The best solution would just to leave your account open, unless you really d... Read More »

When you reactivate a facebook account, are your friends/contacts still there, or do you have to re-add them?

Yes, they will be. I believe they got into trouble in the UK with this though as it's against Data Protection Rules....Basically if you turn off your account, you're opting out of their service whi... Read More »

What are the answers to "The Hardest Quiz Ever: You will not get a 100" on facebook?

1. Everyone2. 493. Probably4. Who doesnt?5. Why? Shud they be?