If I disable Formspring will all my answers be gone when I reactivate?

Answer Hey!When you disable a Formspring account, your account is not visible to anyone or no one can visit your page. Nothing will happen to your account. When you come back and deactivate your account, ... Read More »

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Does anyone still use formspring?

I Dont use Formspring anymore i Stopped using it a long long time ago

Formspring. Ask me anything.?

DC: Do I need to get a formspring, too?

You do need to get a formspring. Not a lot of the other DC has a facebook and I dont know who has a twitter. Formspring is what everyone has. mine :)

How do u make a complaint 2 yahoo answers bout answers to ur question that u find offensive/not happy with?

You can "report abuse" by clicking the red flag icon underneath their answer.