If I go on the page of someone on Facebook I am not friends with and accidentally like one of the pages?

Answer No, and even if you were friends with that person, they wouldn't receive a notification. You are simply liking a page that they had also liked. You are not interacting with that person in any way w... Read More »

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How to View Facebook Pages Without Being Friends?

One of the great features of the Facebook social networking site is that you can use it to make new friends or track down people with whom you were once acquainted. While you can see a person's com... Read More »

If I create a page (like page) on facebook can my friends see it?

Yes, as long as your like page is published.

Can owners of facebook pages see who views their page?

No, FB doesn't give these facilities, only 'Like, Talking about your page' etc history is available.

How do I delete a number next to "Like Pages" on my home page on Facebook?

you can get rid of the liked pages by clicking on the cross button in the top right corner of the box.