If I move an item to the recycle bin, does it no longer take up my computer's memory?

Answer deleting to the recycle bin, just moves the files into a diffrent folder.they are still there and still take up the same amount of space on your hard drive as they did befor they were deleted.once ... Read More »

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Can songs take up all of my computers memory ?

yes for 2 reasons 1 amount of songs2do you use more than one media playerwe will start as if you only use one.check in media player library/sare all your songs there .if yes go to "my music" in sta... Read More »

I know that adding salt to water will raise its boiling point, which would seem to imply that it would take longer to come to a boil. But does it take longer As a cook I've always been told to add a little salt to the water to bring it to a boil fast?

I think that power of suggestion is at work here. Salt water boils at a higher temperature than pure water. Thus if you set two identical pots of water, one salty and one pure, on burners and heat ... Read More »

How does the Cache memory affect a computers performance?

Hi. Well, you see. The cache memory is the memory installed in the HDD's Printed circuit board and the HDD uses this memory to store information it predicts the CPU(central procesing unit) will use... Read More »

Does adsense take longer to be confirmed.........?

No Blogspot. Only Website now a days approve by Google. So register website now.Quality, Unique Content (Not Copied from Other blogs or websites) daily few visitors should visit your website then o... Read More »