If I move an item to the recycle bin, does it no longer take up my computer's memory?

Answer deleting to the recycle bin, just moves the files into a diffrent folder.they are still there and still take up the same amount of space on your hard drive as they did befor they were deleted.once ... Read More »

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I deleted an item, then it was sent to the recycle bin, then i restored it, its not in its origional place:S..?

If a search doesn't find your file you may have accidentally deleted it from the bin somehow. You could try to get it back by using this little free app. called 'Restoration'.http://www.topdrawerdo... Read More »


tablets suck anways..even the ipads..Nothing can replace a laptop

How Much Memory Did the First Computers Have?

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Can songs take up all of my computers memory ?

yes for 2 reasons 1 amount of songs2do you use more than one media playerwe will start as if you only use one.check in media player library/sare all your songs there .if yes go to "my music" in sta... Read More »