If I reboot my packard bell pc back to its original state, will i loose all my downloads and pictures etc?

Answer If you mean reboot as in reformatting it then yes. But if you just restart your computer then no.

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How do i reboot without disk ( Packard bell )?

Rebooting refers simply to the act of turning your PC off and then back on again. So if it is a reboot you want to do you can perform a 'hard reboot' using the of/on switch or reset switch on your... Read More »

How do I reset a Packard Bell easy note back to factory settings?

press F12 and then place your CD into the tray, next highlight CD/DVD using the arrow keys and press [ENTER] it will now boot the CDBEWARE when you re-install your system you loose all your updates... Read More »

I have just removed Packard Bell built in video camera from Add and Remove by mistake. Can I get it back?

Try Packard Bell web site and download the drivers.Good luck

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