If I restore my pc back to the state it was in when i bought it will that unhack it?

Answer Install and run malware bytes let it clean anything it finds. The free version is fine you don't have to get the paid version. The program is very good and cleans most ... Read More »

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Is glass in a gaseous state, a liquid state or a solid state If I remember back to my freshman college year, it seems my prof said it was in a highly viscous state; therefore a liquid. — GC, Garland, Texas?

The answer to that question is complicated—glass is neither a normal liquid nor a normal solid. While the atoms in glass are essentially fixed in place like those in a normal solid, they are arra... Read More »

My computer is a fujitsu siemens Scenic eD, how do i restore it back to how it was when i bought it?

go to control panel click on accessories then restore then type factory settings and you should return to when you bought it

RESTORE DISCS For eMACHINES. I bought an e-Machines model e420 about 4.5 years ago and lost my restore discs.?

hi charlie as allready mentioned you cannot download restore disks as they are in essence windows xp disks however since each restore disk(also known as recovery disks) is uniquely manu... Read More »

How do I get norton 360 download back if I restore my pc back to factory settings?

If you restore your computer back to factory settings then Norton will not exist on the computer any will have to reinstall it..........