If I send a message on Facebook and then block that person, will they still be able to read it?

Answer yea they will still be able to read it

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On twitter can u send a message to one person and that person alone kinda like msn or facebook?

If I deactivate my facebook straight after I send a person a message, can they find my IP address?

You have some pretty confused ideas here.  No-one can find out who you are from your ip address short of subpœnaing your ISP.  They may, however, recognise your style.

Is it legal for a highschool principal to read a student's private message sent to another person on facebook?

Not a chance. That has to be an invasion of privacy. Check out the links.

W can i know the person,that i have send him an e-mail,he read it or still didnt read it on & time ?

There is no way of knowing, only your friend will know when he received it or opened it. Just wait for a reply, say you want one.