If I subscribe to someone on FB who's not my friend do they know?

Answer If i am not mistaken, they can see it below their profile pictures.See this image:…

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If I follow someone on facebook who is not my friend, will they know?

they do not know, if they are not added by you as a friends

If i dont want someone to know i was in a hospital, can i get a friend to pay?

Yes, you can pay with cash. The hospital will be sending the bills to whatever address you gave them when you checked in. Just take the bill and the money to the hospital's business office and pay ... Read More »

How do you know if someone has recieved your invitation to be a friend on msn ?

If they don't respond and don't want you as a friendthen you are not notified.The only response you get is if they accept you!

How do I know if someone rejects my friend request on Facebook?

you won't know. if they completely deny it you will see that you have the option to add them as a friend again. if they just hit the not now button which is what most people do you won't see any di... Read More »