If I'm 13 How Can I Reorganize My Room if I Share It With a 5-Year-Old?

Answer Sharing a bedroom with a brother or sister can be frustrating. If you are a teenager and your sibling is much younger, it can be especially challenging because your interests are extremely differen... Read More »

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Is it against the law that my 3 year old daughter is sharing a room with his new girlfriends 9 year old son?

No. its not a legal requirement, just another benchmarks councils use to allocate points on the housing register, because it is desirable for children over a certain age to have their own rooms. Th... Read More »

Am I liable for continuing rent payments if cannot find a replacement for my room in a flat share?

If you all signed the same contract, then you'll be what's known as jointly and severally liable for the rent. Basically it means that the landlord can pursue you as a group or as individuals for t... Read More »

Should i invest in a reit isa this tax year or a conventional share isa?

If you're already invested in stocks, REITs are a great way to diversify your portfolio as they have a rather low correlation to the market. Yes, REITs have been hot over the last few years, but i... Read More »

If i buy a share in Mcdonalds and hold onto it for 10 years does my profit increase every year?

It depends.In the case of Apple, for example they''ve had ten year stretches where the stock was an absolute loser followed by a long stretch of huge increases in value. Without Steve Jobs and with... Read More »