If I'm happy with my current OS and software, does that mean I don't have to update drivers etc?

Answer Hey,If your happy with your current OS, then no one is forcing you to upgrade. But software is always changing, eventually an older OS won't be able to play certain programs and you will eventually... Read More »

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I have an old PC that I would like to upgrade so that it can function with current software demands.?

… or you could go the other way and load it up with old software instead. Fit as much RAM as you can for web browsing but you’re going to be limited with your motherboard. If you’re using mai... Read More »

My msn says I have to install a new version before I am allowed to sign in Why Im happy with my current one.?

here is a workaround i found. close msnright click on msn icon and go to propertiesgo to compatibility.then check off " run this program in compatibility mode for then select windows 2000 then hit ... Read More »

If I'm perfectly happy with my pc system (xp) i dont HAVE to i?

i have spoken to many xp users who a adamant that they are going to stick with xp for the forseeable future i personally dont understand microsft,they spend years getting xp to a perfect ... Read More »

If i get my work to pay me in shares does that mean I dont pay tax?

It means you tax on the value of the shares when you receive them.