If a work colleague told you to get your fat lazy a%*e off that computer and do some work, would you?

Answer hell no. I'd do less work.

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I told a work colleague via facebook message that I was depressed?

No, you aren't wrong.People just don't understand at times.You need to be careful about who you do and don't trust.I'm sorry that you're feeling this way.And I'd really like to help even if in the ... Read More »

My muslim work colleague of mine gets his prayer mat out at work in the same office as us all and I wondered?

No i think its totally wrong,we provide churches and mosques to pray in ,and work places to work in.If he has to pray 5 times a day,then he should pray before he goes to work ,once again at the sta... Read More »

Back to work interview, serious condition, Should I take a work colleague?

What Kernow Lady says is true. But you may ask for copies of the paperwork produced for your records though. They may ask you to see a company doctor and fill out an occupation health form as well.... Read More »

I have been falsely accused of work at something by a work colleague.?

You do not have a legal right to be made aware of these allegations. If your employer has not spoken to you about it then they obviously don't think there is enough substance within the claims, wh... Read More »