If a work colleague told you to get your fat lazy a%*e off that computer and do some work, would you?

Answer hell no. I'd do less work.

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I told a work colleague via facebook message that I was depressed?

No, you aren't wrong.People just don't understand at times.You need to be careful about who you do and don't trust.I'm sorry that you're feeling this way.And I'd really like to help even if in the ... Read More »

I'm grateful for your work and the availability of your site. Though I think that your ignorant condemnation of the work of other professionals about whose work you know absolutely nothing is contemptuous. Once again the arrogance of the established ?

This comment, which responds to a previous posting on this site, points out one of the most important differences between physical science and pseudo-science: the fact that pseudo-science isn't tro... Read More »

How do you tell a work colleague that he/she smells?

If you can take it up with his/her supervisor. If not, take it up with HR.

If you are a MAN and out of work why do people assume that you are either lazy or a failure?

What are you talking about? Men can be office administrators and work in customer service. Next you'll be telling me men can't be nurses or receptionists. I feel bad that you're out of work especia... Read More »