If all the laws of physics always happen the same, then what relevance does the frame of reference have?

Answer If you observe the world from an inertia frame of reference—meaning that you aren't accelerating—then all of the laws of physics will apply properly to the objects you see. Energy will be conse... Read More »

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Should I have already obtained a high knowledge of physics before doing AS Physics in college?

at least a B in gcse physics and a good grasp of maths (A or B gcse) should be fine. you don't need to learn anything extra after gcse before you start your a level.

When the falling ball bounced off the rising board, why did the ball go upward very quickly Because of your frame of reference?

The frame of reference from which you observe the situation doesn't cause the rebounding ball to move quickly, but it does help you to understand why the ball rebounds so quickly. Instead of descri... Read More »

Relevance of previous convictions in magistrates court?

It's only under exceptional circumstances that a person's previous convictions can be made known to a court during a trial process. (For example, a guy might say that he bought his computer second... Read More »

Where can i get internships/volunteering opportunities in medical physics/medical radiation oncology physics?

Try Hospitals... As such, internships in this field are scarce / negligible... But keep trying! Good luck!