If an employee loses a grievence she filed against her boss, what happens next ?

Answer the boss remembers it,untenable position and no promotion.

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I'm a manager helping someone at work in a different department with a grievence will I get in trouble?

A colleague is entitled to seek support from another colleague or trade union rep, who can accompany them to a formal grievance (or disciplinary) meeting.Obviously, if the matter is particularly di... Read More »

Is it fraud for charity to charge customer for employee's mileage and not pass on to employee?

Nothing at all illegal about it - the two are completely separate. One is a term in the contract between the charity and the customer; the other is a term in the contract between you and the charit... Read More »

Employment issue: non-employee covering employee shift?

Why not start by agreeing where you want to get to (!) and then work backwards from that destination?Presumably her husband does a perfectly adequate job, or someone would have noticed that cleanin... Read More »

What Is the Difference Between a Temporary Employee & a Contract Employee?

A temporary or contract employee are similar in many ways, but notable differences can distinguish them. This includes the work they perform, federal laws and how an employer hires them.