If anonymous wanted to take down facebook what would they have to do?

Answer If i posted one how to take downdown Facebook, how soon do you think it would be before it happened.JoeThe Old Computer Guy

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Anonymous Facebook Hack?

They won't hack facebook.Groups like anonymous think it is fashionable to "stand up against the man" in all aspects of daily life. They don't have a point nor an objective, it is more of a stunt or... Read More »

Can you write anonymous messages on facebook?

If they have an honestly box you can. otherwise it not possible under your current profile

What is the best way to create an anonymous Twitter or Facebook profile?

You can't. You can call yourself what you like and say what you like but as soon as yourflagged for something "controversial" it will all be recorded anyway if any actionwere to be taken afterwards... Read More »

On facebook can you find out who sends you anonymous messages?