If broadband is 2 Mbs why can I only download at 220 kbs?

Answer that sounds right. 2 MegaBITS per second is about 250 KiloBYTES per second. Take of the assymetric upload bandwith and i would say you are getting full speed!

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Broadband with a download limit of 6gb?

You would be much better off going with the no-limit option. With the size of web pages, email, and everything else you can do on the net, it would not take much time to chew up that 6gb limit. I... Read More »

Why does my broadband download at 30kb per sec instead of about 300kb per sec?

Broadband Internet connection speed varies depending on your Internet Service Provider, modem type, time of day, browser version, operating system, traffic, and intersecting signals.All hosts on th... Read More »

I have bt total broadband with a 10 gig download limit. Will bt mind/charge me if I log onto my own bt fon?

Logging into BT Fon will not be a problem, But if you are planning to do large downloads through Fon, you will be disappointed. The service is such that you can do any amount of surfing but not dow... Read More »

Where do I find a site to check the download speed of my Broadband connection? click whichever location is closest to you on the usa map