If broadband is 2 Mbs why can I only download at 220 kbs?

Answer that sounds right. 2 MegaBITS per second is about 250 KiloBYTES per second. Take of the assymetric upload bandwith and i would say you are getting full speed!

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I get 10 mb/s download when I do a speed check but only 1.3 mb/s when I download from P2P and Steam servers?

I also had that problem before . I used a program called Steam Booster, it increased my download speed and made games run faster. Hope it helps you.

Why do i pay for 8m broadband but only get 2.2m?

It depends on your equipment and distance from the telephone exchange. As others have said your contract probably says you pay for "up to 8m". If it is significantly cheaper to get 4 it might be wo... Read More »

Broadband with a download limit of 6gb?

You would be much better off going with the no-limit option. With the size of web pages, email, and everything else you can do on the net, it would not take much time to chew up that 6gb limit. I... Read More »


Well it depends on all the elements in the equation. Depending on where you live they will be different broadband technology available to you. Also you don't want to go to an ISP where its over-sub... Read More »