If buying a used printer , if find one that has a * 6 thousand page count* , is it a fairly new printer?

Answer 6000 pages is A LOT. As this is a cheap inkjet, chances are high that it is worn. Don't buy it. Also, there are probably some internal counters which could be queried for page count, but I have no ... Read More »

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If bought a used ink jet printer with a 4,000 page count is it probably still fairly new (is it that many)?

It really depends on exactly which model printer it is. I tend to not lend to much credit to a printers specified duty cycle...because that number takes into account "regular maintenance." Most o... Read More »

What is term for the total # of pages that a printer has printed so far (is this "duty count")?

How does a laser printer work What is the toner made of and how does the printer place it on the paper — PC, Brussels, Belgium?

A laser printer uses the light beam from a laser to control the placement of electric charges on a photoconductor surface. A photoconductor is a material that only conducts electricity when exposed... Read More »

Why are lexmark printer cartridges so expensive Is there a brand of printer that is cheaper?

i have a canon pixma 1500 and it is very good , especially photos printing and its not expensive, i get ink cartridges for it from cartridge monkey on the internet and last time i think i paid les... Read More »